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First step : Make your decision

So, you are determined that you will go to Australia, Ok .Try to put yourself in one of these categories –

Which visa you eligible for-

  1. Permanent residency visa main requirements


2. Work and holiday visa main requirements

3.Partner/spouse visa

  • Your wife/ husband has to be any visa holder or a citizen in Australia
  • IELTS 4.5 or have to pay 4 lac bd tk for English course
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Kabin/Nikah/Registration

4.Tourist visa / Visit visa

  • You can apply only if you have any close relative/s who is Permanent residence or citizen in Australia.He/she has to write a letter/Sign a form to immigration that he/she is taking responsibility to send you back when your visa expire .
  • 5.Student visa main requirements
  • Minimum HSC pass (if you under 16 you have to apply with a legal guardian)
  • Ielts score min 5.5 ( as higher as better)
  • 35+ lac bd tk in sponsor ‘s bank account to show the immigrationjob position is related to what you’ve studied in the past . 3. Any other reasonable cause .make sure you have the proof whatever reason you are showing. keep in mind ,immigration might call an interview . Whatever reason you are going to show them ,explain everything in your “statement of purpose”.
  • Not much study gap
  • Able to spend 8-10 lac bd tk to pay initial costs
  • Check for more details

15 Steps for Australian student visa preparation =====================================

Step 1 . Determine that you are going to overseas for higher study and check if you are eligible

Step 2. Country choose

Step 3. Course /institution choose

Step 4. IELTS Preparation (takes 2-3 months)

Step 5. Apply for Passport


Step 7. Student agent/council selection & registration

Step 8. Apply for offer letter get ready for interview from uni

Step 9. Organize required documents what you need to be submit with application for immigration (takes 1-3months to collect)

Step 10. Pay tuition fees to the institute/uni Step

11. Book Medical insurance

Step 12. Receive CoE

Step 13. Submit the visa application and get ready for interview

Step 14. Receive the visa

Step 15. Book your ticket n fly

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  1. If I Have completed my graduation from year 2008 and after that I am continuing my job which is my study related. Now it is possible for me to apply masters in Australia?

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