In general you should have few major things before you start processing

  • A good academic background ( not less than 60% mark in any public exam )
  • Able to get good score in English test/IELTS
  • Able to show a good financial supporter/sponsor (1st blood or 2nd blood , requirement changes time to time)
  • Do not have much study gap
  • Able to bring at least half of your total expenses from Bangladesh

The Australian Government require a number of basic criteria to be met to provide a student visa:
•A student must be accepted into full-time study
•The student must be a Genuine temporary entrant
•The student must meet specified financial requirements
•The student must meet health requirements
•The student must have appropriate English language Skills
•The student must have appropriate academic record and be of a suitable age
•The student must have a “good” character
•The student must not have any debts to the Australian Government
•If the student is under 18 years of age, they must have acceptable arrangements for their accommodation and welfare

Each Student visa that DIBP issues has a particular subclass which corresponds to the sector in which the student intends to study. In accordance with the visa subclass and the country shown in the student’s passport, an assessment level (AL) is assigned to the application which governs the detail of the supporting documentation required.


Check your eligibility here-

Self-assessment point calculation
This point distribution is developed by us. Please do not take as a government /immigration requirement. Be honest and Select just one from every point (1-7).If you able to manage a minimum of 140 points ,please contact with us –

1. Educational qualification (please choose only one from a- b)

a) Hsc  = 20
b) Graduation /post graduation = 30

2. Previous exams average marks achieved (SSC+HSC+GRADUATION) (please choose only one from a- d)
a) 33-50%-=0
b) 51-60%=5
c) 61-75%=10
d) 76%+=20

3. IELTS score or average English marks% (please choose only one from a- g)
a) IELTS score 0-5=0
b) IELTS score 5.5=15
c) IELTS score 6=25
d) IELTS score 6.5+=35
If still haven’t done ielts test yet, % of SSC+HSC English mark
e) 33-45%= 10
f) 46-60%= 20
g) 61%+ = 30

4. Sponsor (able to show 30 lac + bd tk on bank account for you) (please choose only one from a- c)
a) 1st blood (any family members account ) = 40
b) 2nd blood (uncle ,aunt,cousin,father in law’s a/c) = 15
c) multiple sponsor (1st blood+2nd blood)= 30

5. Income source of sponsor (please choose only one from a- b)
a) one income source only = 20
b) multiple income source =30

6. Study gap
a) 0-1 year = 20
b) 2-3 years = 05
c) 3years + = 0

7. Able to spend 8-10 lac bd tk for initial costs = 20


if your total number is 140 you have a good chance. Let us assist you ….

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