Canada study permit requirements for overseas students

Canada study permit requirements

Canada study permit requirements

Canada study permit requirements

Many Bangladeshi students ask me about Canada study permit requirements .Here is what you need to do .Organize and bring all the documents from Bangladesh for study permit.  Here is the step by step online application process that  you can also apply paper based which is bit more time consuming: –

  1. Go to this link and click Find out if you are eligible to apply online . this will take you to another page where you have to answer multiple questions. Answers correctly all the questions. If they satisfy then they will give your “document checklist” at the end of the questions. There will be “personal reference code: BJ29………” keep it safe you will need it.
  2.  You have to go to this link and have to create an online account “continue to GCKEY” if you don’t have one .
  3. You will reach your profile in CIC website then click “visitor permit/study permit or work permit” option. It will take you a new page where they will ask you for the reference code (which you got in first stage). It will take you to the main page of your online application where you have to upload all your necessary documents.
  4. You will need to download IMM5709 from that page and fill it up properly. Then upload it in the same section
  5. Now you have to upload all of your supporting documents. If you upload your supporting documents in organizing way, it will help the CIC officer to follow which will reduce the time of your study permit decision.
  6. Proof of Means of Financial Support (required): Here you have to show your all sponsor documents in one PDF documents (maximum PDF size is 4 MB). In my case I had 4 sponsor including me and university funding. Organize all the documents in order. First create a “Financial Planning documents” Which is a summary of ( all ) sponsors (maybe you will get a sample from google ), Then I attached University funding documents: – Here you should include scholarship and TA/TA confirmation documents (if any )third, self-sponsor documents: – Here you should attach Bank Statement, Income Tax Certificated, Certified copy of Income tax assessment for last one year. Then to verify your / sponsors income . attach source of income details , Such as offer letter, appointment letter, job confirmation letter, salary certificate, one month pay slip. Fourth, father sponsor documents: – here you should attach my father/sponsor bank statement, Bank solvency certificate, income tax certificate, Certified copy of Income tax assessment for last one year, affidavit of financial sponsor in 200-taka stamp and notarized, sponsors CA statements. Last but not least, your partners (if any ) sponsor documents:- Here you should attach your partners bank statement, last year tax assessment (Canadian) , scholarship documents (if any -to support where this money came from), financial sponsor letter (not in stamp or notarized as it is costly in Canada if you can you can do it)

    Canada study permit requirements

    Canada study permit requirements

  7. Passport (required): Attach my passport page including all visa pages.
  8. Family Member Proof of Status (required): Attach your Birth certificate, your father ‘s passport and name affidavit(if required ). Then include your marriage certificate and nikah nama and your wife’s birth certificate and passport.
  9. Letter of Acceptance (required): Here you should attach letter of acceptance from your university and their CIC document
  10. Marriage License/Certificate (required): Here again attach your marriage certificate
  11. Digital photo (required): My recommendation to make a digital copy with CIC measurement.
  12. Optional Documents: IMM5257: download –print – filled it up –scan and upload it
  13. Letter of Explanation: Here attach your Study plan, IELTS result, Academic transcripts, Certificates, Training certificates, CV etc.
  14. Pay the fees. You will get notification in your email account.


Canada study permit requirements is not a huge list .All you need is organise yourself .Make sure you are not missing anything. Good luck.

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