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Police Clearance Certificate certifies an individual as free from any criminal or anti-social activities. Naturally, Police Clearance Certificate is needed for going abroad or for joining any important Govt. job. The citizens of Dhaka have to collect their police clearance certificate from the DMP Headquarters located at Ramna. All these certificates are attested in English from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Contact Address:
‘Police Clearance One Stop Service’
Room-109, DMP Headquarters
36, Shahid Captain Monsur Ali Sarani, Ramna, Dhaka
Helpline: 01191006644, 7124000, 9992635
How to get a Police Clearance Certificate:
You have to maintain the following procedure if you want to get a Police Clearance Certificate:
o Submit an application on a plain paper in English/Bangla to The Honorable Police Commissioner.
o Attach the photocopy of your passport attested by a Class-1 Gazetted Officer.
o If required by the authority, you have to submit your main passport.
o Usually 2 addresses are mentioned in a passport; one is the present address and other is the permanent address; one of these addresses must be in Dhaka; and the applicant must live in that address. If the address is changed for some reason, the applicant has to rectify the fact by the local administration and submit the attested copy of the passport with the correct address.
o For getting a Police Clearance Certificate an expatriate Banglafdeshi has to appeal through his nominee in Bangladesh with the photocopy of his passport attested by the responsible officer of the Bangladesh Embassy/High Commission of the country where he/she lives.
o If the address mentioned in the passport is outside Dhaka, the applicant has to appeal to the Police Super of the respective district.
Necessary Documents:
• The main copy of a Treasury bill worth tk500 has to be submitted in favor code no-1-2201-0001-2681in any branches of Bangladesh Bank/ Sonali Bank.
• In case of M.R.P., if the address is not mentioned in the passport, then the applicant must submit any legal identity card like birth Certificate etc. attested by a first class gazette officer.
• For Police Clearance Certificate for Spain, the applicant has to include additional 3 copies of attested p.p. photographs and appeal to the Secretary of Ministry of Home Affairs.
Getting the Certificate:
When you submit all necessary documents to the office, they will give you a token with a serial number. You will get the Clearance Certificate within 7 days.



How to obtain a Bangladeshi passport ?
Now only machine readable passport (MRP) is provided in Bangladesh.

To apply for a new passport, download the application form from
You need to just download only ‘MRP passport application form’.

Two copies of application form with attested documents in each copies are to be submitted for new MRP passport application. If you have already a passport, then you need to submit only one application form. Further, you will not be required to go through Special Branch (SB) police verification, if you have already a passport(hand written or MRP).

You can also get the form free of charge from different regional passport offices.

Fill out the form according to the instructions provided in the application form. Some common queries regarding the filling out the form are discussed at the end of this post.

Take a color photograph with white background. Size is height 5.5cm x width 4.5 cm.
You should not wear white dress while taking photograph. The same guideline also apply when you will be photographed in the passport office letter. Write down your full name on the back side of the photograph.Paste the photograph in the relevant space. Then get it attested on the top. During attestation, approximately half of the signature and seal should be on the photograph and the rest on the application form. Be noted the mentioning of half portion is approximate, so don’t worry if the proportion is not maintained.

The seal of the person who is doing the attestation should carry his name and designation.

The persons who could do the attestation are mentioned in the application form’s instructions.

Usually attested photocopy of the following documents to be provided:
1. national id card both sides. If your present address is different than the address printed on the back of your national id card, you need to submit a certificate(citizenship or so) from the ward commissioner or city corporation or local bodies like union parishad or municipality coroporation or upazilla parishad.
2. proof of profession. If you are a student, you need to submit a letter/certificate from your institution or head of your department. For technical profession like engineer, doctor etc., you may submit your professional degree certificate’s attested photocopy. If you are employed, you need to submit a letter/certificate from the employer(your department head or human resource department) in the official pad with seal.

As of December 2012, fee for regular 30 day service is 3000 taka and fee for express 9 day service is 6000 taka.
The applicant or on behalf of him/her, someone has to submit the necessary fee in the designated branches of Sonali bank. On the bank write down the deposit slip(reddis colour form) with the name that is to be appeared in the applicant’s passport. The bank will take 10 taka commission per application. Make sure the serial no and stamp of the booth are given in the customer copy of the slip.

Sonali bank Uttara model town branch has set up a passport application booth in a separate building close to the branch. The address is : House no115 , Road 7, east side road passing Bay Emporium shop, Sector 4, Uttara, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh

Staple the deposit slip provided from the bank as a proof fee payment on the top middle or topright corner.

If you have old hand written passport(still have time or expired), during the application for the machine readable passport, you need to tickmark new because its your new Machine readable passport!

Emergency could be anyone close to you. If the emergency contact person is your father, in the relationship write father and so on.

Bring all the original documents that you are going to submit attested photocopy during the submission of the application form. If you have old passport, make sure to bring it in.

If you have more than one book of original passport, in the form item of previous passport no, at the top write down the latest one, then in chronological order write down other passport books no. Same should be done in the form item of where the previous passport was issued. You need to submit first nine pages of your older passport with your application.

The procedure including finger print and photo in the Passport office

When you go to the passport office, first you need to show all your documents to a desk where the staff will check the documents and issue you a serial no.

Then the application form will be passed on to chief on that office for signature. After signature is done, you need to go to data entry counter or room. There some basic information of your passport will be entered into the computer file. You will be given a print out of the data entered into the file. Make sure to check whether the information entered is correct.

Lastly you will be directed to a photo and finger taking room. Here the staff will take your finger print(thumb finger and index finger of both hands). A photograph will be taken using digital camera attached to the computer. If you wear white dress, your photo will not be taken. You need to sign on the digital signature pad as well with the electronic pen. After completion of photograph and finger print taking, you need to sign to a print out given. You will be given one print out to bring in during collection of your passport. It is also advised to bring old passport books during the collection so that a stamp would be printed on those that they are now cancelled against the new one.

A text message (SMS) will be sent to your mobile when the passport is ready for collection.



STATEMENT OF PURPOSE (SOP): Writing guideline and samples

Statement of Purpose is one of the most important part of your application that tells the representative looking at your application who you are, your career progression path so far, your professional interests and your future plans.

Benefits of a good SOP

SOP helps applicants to stand out among others with similar grades, academic scores, work background and projects to the admissions committee the real “YOU” beyond numbers. It helps the committee assess that you are a serious student and a clear thinker, gives them a clear understanding of where you have been and where you choose to go. A statement of purpose helps the admissions committee make a decision in your favor. In a sense, it is the applicant’s assessment of who he/she is, as a student and as a well-rounded individual.

A well written SOP enhances your chance of admissions to your preferred universities and reflects your ability to portray clearly and intelligently through your writing skills.

It is one of the most important items of the application packet to U.S. universities. It can ‘Make or Break’ an application.

 Contents of a good SOP

Statement of Purpose should consist of the following:-

  • Applicant’s Background
  • Education & professional experience
  • Interest in the field chosen
  • Immediate and long term goals
  • Reasons for deciding to pursue education at a particular institution
  • Extracurricular activities and honors
  • What is special about the applicant?

What do universities look for in a student SOP

SOP’s paint a picture of the applicants overall personality. It helps admissions committee to:-

  • Hear from the applicant as to how they compare with other applicants
  • Would they succeed at the school?
  • Are they serious about their academic pursuits?
  • Other different viewpoints
  • Interesting & distinct background and interests
  • Would the applicant be able to contribute and enrich the program?
  • It also showcases the unusual hardships or obstacles that an applicant had to overcome, unusual accomplishments, whether professional, personal or academic, skills and personal characteristics contributing to success in that field, what appeals to the applicant about the program and how does his/her strength and interest match the needs of the program.
  • SOP’s should be honest, real, distinct and establish the personal connection and should not replicate the resume, prepare a work of fiction, recount experiences, write a canned essay and state obvious reasons for choosing the school




Statement of Purpose/Essay plays a major role in admissions. This is the only thing where you can express your goals, achievements impressively to admission committee and faculty members of your area. Major key points to mention in SOP are interest about the course, why its important to you, how is your career related to that course, how you will be using your knowledge from the course, why you’re choosing this institute etc. If more than one students have marginal score for a particular University then these are the only things that will decide admissions. You should give enough time to check and re-check your subject matter. How to do it?

  • Get Complete information of the major your are applying and details of that major in the University (you are applying).
  • See the facilities number of courses provided in that major. Does it matches your interests?
  • If your interests doesn’t match you will most probably be rejected.
  • Some students got rejection letter stating “Your Research Interest doesn’t matches with any of our faculty member so you have been rejected”.
  • Direct experience with your field of study is the best kind to have in your essay.
  • A word of caution: Do not focus solely on your research topic unless this is the standard practice of your field of study and you must outline your thesis. By over relying on your research, you risk your essay sounding impersonal.
  • Even if you have no formal experience, you might still have field experience that counts

Note: Don’t simply copy sample essays available on internet.

Some Tips

  • Make your application easy to read.
  • Keep your essays to a reasonable length.
  • Convey a sense of focus and excitement.
  • Emphasize your ability and potential for
  • Creativity
  • Integration
  • Research
  • Synthesis
  • Get your application in early.




Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions by students
Here is a list of most common (top 61) queries from group members-
1.>> I am married with a kid , can I apply apply for my kid n my husband/wife?
= yes you can , however you’ll need to prove you have enough money survive there with your family
2.>> when I don’t need to appear ielts test for my application?
Students from BRAC, NSU, East West, IUB and AIUB don’t require IELTS for CURTIN, UTS, MONASH and ACU. But for credit transfer from all these universities, students will require IELTS of 6.5 with no band score below 6.0.
3.>> what sort of medical test will be require?
Chest x-ray, Urine, BP, Eye test, Height, Weight measurement. Take Passport and HAP ID.
4.>> How matured my sponsors FDR has to be?
= At least 6 months old
5.>> i’m a national university student ,can I apply?
= of course you can as long as your major subject mark is not below than 60%.
6.>> how long time needed for the whole process??
= from ielts to visa result is 5-8 months process.
7.>> how much money I will lost, if my application refuse?
= 1-2 lac bd tk.
8. Can i apply with ielts score 5?
=. in some cases , yes!!
9.>>when I should apply ?
= at least 45 days earlier than your course starting date.
11.>> how much visa application fee ?
43000 bd tk appx
12.>> when I should fly?
= 5-7 days earlier than your course starting date
13.>> how long it takes to give the visa decision after lodge the application?
= for svp 30-45 working days , for non svp 30-90 days
14.>> I have 2 years job experience , can I apply for residency?
= yes you can ,only if your profession is listed on SOL list.
15.>> can I apply from Malaysia?
= yes you can. But you still need to submit as same documents as some one applying from Bangladesh
16.>>is Australia best place for study and work”.
= Of course. It is.as you will have plenty of job opportunities while you are student. In top of that you will have an opportunity to settle down here by getting permanent residency followed by citizenship
17.>>Can I cover my living+ accommodation costs by doing part time jobs in Australia which is 20hours per week?
= NO. you cant. Maximum you can manage 50% of your total study and living expenses foe the first two years
18.>>How much a student income Australia when he continue study.
= it depends on your job status. how many hours you can work.aprx 0-2lacs a month.but you will have nothing left after paying all expenses .most of the time you will need additional money to pay off your expenses.

19.>>What kind of jobs are offered as a part time ?
= Initially hard /tough jobs ,unless you have a strong referee or your English skill is ielts 6.5 < standard
20.>>How lengthy bank statement should my sponsor has?
= 1-2 years
21.>>How long I have to keep sponsor fund on that account?
= AS long as they take time to make the visa application decision
22.>>Which University should I choose?
= Consider university ranking , uni branch location , how available the job will be on that location , tuition fees .these are vital points when you choose institution
23.>> is there any possibility of getting scholarships?…
= you will need at least 3 things out of these 4-
a. Excellent academic background (70%+)
b. Good ielts score (6.5+)
c. Smart and active
d. Some political reference might help
24.>> If AHC call me for an interview, is that positive?
= you cant guess anything from an interview. they call an interview only when they are not totally clear about any of your statement/documents
25.>> can I study ACCA in australia?
= if you are not resident or citizen, you cant
26.>> What exactly I need any agency for?
= They will organize your application .will give you guideline (what we are providing here for free ). But no agent will create documents ( fake document ) for you. You have to collect your own documents. If you decide to apply by yourself,its not that tough . Contact with us ,we might help you with that. Please keep on mind ,we are not any professional agency .
27.>> Should I provide my passport and other original documents to agency?
= better not to.
28.>> How much agency charge for their service?
= depends . 0-50000 bd tk.
29.>> Can you help me to prepare my application ?
= yes , we can . please send me your academic results , ielts score, sponsor details , contact number to my email (en.repon@gmail.com) . please note , we will contact with you only if your profile is strong enough to apply
30.>> How many years of study gap Australian immigration accept?
= length of study gap depends on how acceptable your reason behind this.
31.>> My bachelor degree took  7 years to complete instead of 4 years because of university session jam, is that a study gap??
= no. its not study gap. You don’t have to worry about it.
32.>> Who will be my sponsor?
= 1st blood : anyone of family member
33.>> How much money my sponsor need to show on his account?
= its depends on the situation . on average 30 lac bd tk ++
34.>> Which account money is preferable ?
= fdr gets first priority followed by savings ac
35.>>will non relative overseas sponsorship be allowed for a student ??
= no. only 1st blood acceptable.
First blood sponsor = applicant , father , mother, brothers , sisters, wife/husband and close uncle or aunt who is Australian permanent resident
2nd blood sponsor = Uncle , aunt ,cousin , grand parents ,brother in low, sister in low , father in low, mother in low
36.>> my sponsor’s some of documents spelling don’t match and due to this mistake is there any chance to get my visa refused???
= you should be fine
37.>> How many hours I can legally work ?
=20 hours. But you can do more on your uni vacation
38.>> can I manage my all expenses from part time job?
= no you cant . the maximum you can earn in first 2-3 years is 50% of your total expenses
39.>> how can I get a job?
= your strong reference , English skill and previous job skill will help you to get a job
40.>> what type of job I have to do?
= depends on above 3 things.
Chain Shopping Centre sales person , door to door marketing , college teacher, cleaning , cooking and kitchen jobs , security, newspaper handover , barista , McDonalds type shop
41.>> how much is hourly rate?
= 12-25 aud /per hour
42.>> How can I get a job in Australia?
= Two most important things to get the job here,: your English skill ( very important) and your reference. Remember, the less English language skill you have,the oddest job you will get.
43.>> Can I apply for a diploma course?
= No . currently you can apply only for undergraduate ,post graduate, tafe (4yrs svp ), research ,phd.
44.>> do they accept credit transfer from bd?
No. ONLY acceptable when the uni you’ve studied before meet your desire uni’s requirement. This is hard process though. Please contact your uni administration to be sure
45.>> what course/subject I should choose?
= Any course related to your previous study. Do not apply for something totally new to you. Make sure it has pathway to apply for residency after completion .check sol list.
46.>> If I change my subject , is that acceptable ?
= its better not to choose any subjects/ COURSE which is not related to your previous study. Because your goal will be unclear to visa officer
47.>> what university I should choose ?
= if your are A+ category student and you do not have money issues ,apply for good ranking university G8 . otherwise apply for medium ranking uni, do not apply for uni which ranking is very low.
48.>> what things need to consider to choose university?
= campus location much populated area will give you lots job opportunity
uni ranking its better for you choose a medium standard uni
tuition fees
49.>> which location I should go?
= in my opinion , Sydney is the best followed by Melbourne
48.>> What is SOL list?
= sol=skilled occupation list .Australian immigration designed a “profession list” where they still need man power. But you have to have previous study and skill to start those profession .thats why its a good idea to choose from those selected subjects/courses ,make sure your previous study is related to your chosen carrier/profession . please click here for sol list–
49.>> what options available for diploma engineers?
= only option is apply for undergraduate course (bsc).contact with you agent / university administration
50.>> can I apply to a low cost university?
=yes you can , but beware it will decrease your chance of getting the visa.
51.>> how much is the tuition fee for ( ……….) Course and what is the ielts requirements, how can I know?
= search on google the university / course name .check On their website
52.>> Should I apply for public university or private?
= it doesn’t really matter. Both types of uni maintain same standard .and you will be paying full tuition fees as a international student.
53.>> what academic records should I have?
= usually not below than cgpa 3 out of 4 or 60% on average ,however some university requires more than that
54.>> Which state is better for me?
= what i feel is ,Sydney n Melbourne are both expensive compare to Australia’s other city.but to me, sydney is best place for job opportunity, as one third of Australia’s total population living here.reference gets preference ,as always.
55.What is sponsorship?
= if you applying for australian student visa you have prove them someone from your family or any of your relative or anyone agree pay your all expenses incase if you cant find a job while you are studying.
56.What is study loan?
= Loan from bank for study purpose .
57.How I can get study loan?
= You have to have fixed deposit money or property/asset deposit on that bank.Then bank will offer you upto 90% loan on your money . On the other word, bank will offer you loan from your own money.
58.When I should get it?
= Before lodge your application.
59.How long I need to hold the study loan?
= As soon as you received the decision from immigration, you can terminate the loan a/c.
60.Which bank offer this service?
Bank al falah, std ctd, com bank of cylon etc
61.What sort of documents require to show sponsorship?
If your sponsor is a businessman-
1. BUSINESS trade licence
2. Income statement of business/sales n purchase invoice
3. Chalan form
4. TIN and Tax receipt
5. Enough documents to prove relationship between you and your sponsor
6. 1. relationship proof docs
2. financial gurantor form
3. statement of source of income
7. 4. accumulation of loan fund (if any)
5. sponsors savings ac 2 yrs trasection
6. TIN
7. Trade licence n chalan form
8. Very important : you have to provide proof of relationship with your sponsor ( By providing passport/national id / birth certificate /any certificate of your sponsor)
61b. If your sponsor is/are job holder , he will required to provide these documents—
1. Job contract/ appointment letter/ any official letter mentioning his position
2. Bank statement to prove he is receiving salary from job/ monthly pay advise record
3. Enough documents to prove relationship between you and your sponsor

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