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If you are looking for  Student visa information about  Australia Canada USA ,you came to the right place.

In 2007 when I was to preparing  my Student visa application, I came to realize that , information what candidate needs are updating everyday . There is no place( or agent ) to get all types most accurate and genuine information regarding visa processing at the same time. Its very tough & time consuming process to gather most of it from various sources . From that realisation I have created a group in Facebook “Australian student visa and other visa information for Bangladeshi students” ,Where we have more than 43000 members . It feels great to see we were able to assist more than 300 applicants to achieve their visa success in last one year. This huge number of visa success in such a limited time inspired us to develop this site so that we can assist our group members more effectively .

It is a great platform to get a proper solution depends on individuals situation as most of the time you will get response from someone who has recently reached their destination from same situation as yours.

Here we will talk about foreign University admission , offer letter , required documents checklist , sponsorship , ielts , scholarships,  coe , Visa interview , how to prepare your application , We’ll also post some article about New Zealand , UK , Ireland , Denmark , Malaysia, Switzerland  and some other countries as well as information about Student visa requirements Australia Canada  USA .

Please note , This is not any government official website . We strongly suggest you to double check with related government official websites linked below

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